Lavender and Geranium Soap

Heavenly Lavender loveliness with a Geranium edge


The Hidcote and MailletteĀ lavender flowers I grow in my garden in Stratford-upon-Avon are collected and distilled in my copper Alembic still to produce heavenly lavender loveliness, whilst the Geranium oil gives a welcome slight sharpness to the scent of this wonderful soap.

Lavender in my Alembic Still

Lavender in my Alembic Still ready to distil

The scents of lavender and Attar of Rose geranium permeates this bar and as you wash with it the scent gently lingers on the skin.

Scented geraniums have been cultivated in Europe since the 17th century for their intensely aromatic foliage and subtle colours. Attar of Rose is a soothing, emollient herb. The oil is fungicidal,antioxidant an insect repellent. Medicinally the oil is used externally for rashes, calloused and cracked skin.

Attar is a general term that applies to perfume from flowers, and normally it is used in association with the perfume from distilled roses. In its own right this is a beautiful trailing geranium and the rose-scented leaves and clusters of pale pink flowers adorn this delicate plant that froths over the Whichford terracotta flowerpots where they grow.

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I used the healing body butter with the healing soap when I was going through treatment for breast cancer; it kept my skin soft and stopped any infection. I would recommend for other women who are going through this medical procedure. Thank you. M.S Stratford

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