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Happy summer scent making session

July 9, 2015

  Great fun was had by my last group of scented lovelies in a group that consisted of mothers and daughters! The range of perfumes created was astounding and I couldn’t place which scent was made by whom – sassy and delicate numbers by daughters and mothers alike. Thank you to Jane and Craig for...

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October 21, 2014

I love scent. So many different types and nosecurling experiences; Sweet roses, Labdanham, Jasmine, Old cabbage, Lions ear, Frankenstein, musky old books, Turnc blossom, the scent of my family – smells that if I were to loose my sense of scent a huge part of my personal and professional life would be lost to me....

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White Cisitus flowers

Thank you busy bees

May 29, 2014

I have been a busy bee making all my soaps and goodies over the last few weeks in preparation for an exciting summer – the amazing free River Festival Stratford-upon-Avon in July 5-6th and the first ever Home and Garden Event at Alscot Park July 17-20th – both should be fantastic fun to visit and...

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The Mother of all Oranges – Turunc

May 20, 2014

24 degrees is the perfect temperature for picking bitter orange blossom in Cyprus; any hotter and I begin to wilt…. I picked the Turunc orange blossom today; Seville oranges were the only bitter oranges I knew until I came to Cyprus, but Turunc is the Mother of all Oranges and root stock for all commercially grown...

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The Cyprus adventure April 2014

May 3, 2014

 Arrived late Tuesday night. Woken slowly by sharp white sunshine streaming through the curtains and this was it – the first day of my annual adventure. I went high into the Bes Parmak mountains to gather labdanum sap for my perfumes, because I love the scent and any excuse to fill my soul with the scent...

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Hooky Hop Shaving Dishes entirely hand made by Tom

Hooky Hop Male Grooming (Part three)

January 29, 2014

Male Grooming Hook Norton Brewery has standards. Grooming standards. So when they asked me to develop a range of traditional male grooming products with a modern Hooky twist I wasn’t surprised and looked forward to working with the team again. In came the Hooky Shaving Soap in a hand-thrown Hook Norton Pottery shaving dish with...

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soap on walk march 13 020

Scottish Hydrosols

January 26, 2014

Scottish Adrnamurchan Heather, Bog Myrtle (Sweet Gale) and Scots Pine Hydrosols I have been trying out all sorts of flowers and herbs like Scottish Heather, Sweet Gale (Bog myrtle) and Scots Pine for a range of flower water sprays to frighten the Scottish midge! I am a wildcraft distiller and I thought I would show...

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What happens after I sell my soap?

January 17, 2014

A strange thing happened yesterday as I walked into a shop full of beautiful things, I saw a tray of soaps with my label on that I hadn’t sold to the shop or decorated with lace and dried flowers. It was a true moment of a double take – did I just forget I had...

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Hooky Hop Shaving soap and soap

The Hooky Scent Trail (Part two)

November 9, 2013

Each hop I was given by Hook Norton Brewery was distilled and the hydrosol assessed for scent, along with each of the beers and malts. The malts are grain of oats or barley that have been steeped, germinated, and dried and used for brewing. I was given a selection by Hook Norton to experiment with and...

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lavender july 2012 008

Experimenting with making hydrosols

August 28, 2013

Making Lavender Hydrosols Late July or August is time for the Lavender hydrosols to be made as the flowers are just beginning to open and are filled with wonderful oils. Lavender hydrosols are one of the most straight forward to make, as the flowers are robust and if overheated do not take on the burnt...

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Athletes Choice of Skincare!

August 27, 2013

Shakespeare’s Sister’s Skincare – The athlete’s choice for an anti-chafing, anti-friction and healing body butter.  Made with the simple ingredients of Shea butter, Avocado and Coconut oils, Vitamin E and pure essential oils. No petroleum, no silicones or polymers; just simple goodness in our healing soaps and body butters. This is what our customers say:-...

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Natural Shampoo

Haircare tips

August 13, 2013

Research: I have been doing a bit of research on what makes a good shampoo bar, and how best to use it for the last few months and I think I have cracked it for my hair! My hair is long (to my elbows), thick and prone to a greasy scalp, so I wanted a shampoo...

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Making natural soap

How to use our Flower Water Body Mist

August 2, 2013

I make the ‘Hidcote’ Lavender, Attar of Rose geranium, Rose, Calendula, Bog Myrtle, Heather and Bay (Laurel Noblis) flower waters using my handmade copper Alembic still. My sister, Amanda in Cyprus makes Rose, Lemon and Bay hydrosols.   How to use our Flower Water Body Mist: In skin care, Rose, Orange Blossom (Neroli) and Lavender...

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Perfume Making Course at Charleston

July 7, 2013

Our approach to perfume making is perhaps a little unusual. As distillers we are as concerned with the plants that we use as the oils that we work with. We believe that a plant is more than the oil it produces and that the seasonality and provenance of the plants is critical to the finished...

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Soaps Drying

Busy Busy Busy!

May 27, 2013

I have been busy making soaps for the last two weeks, getting ready for the summer fairs, workshops and festivals over the summer. Each soap needs five weeks to dry so it is firm, the lye has completely dissipated and safe to use. The soaps continue to dry for months after they are made, especially...

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Solid Perfumes

Solid Perfume

April 28, 2013

So you know I love scent, I adore making perfumes for people and have a passion for things that sparkle – I have put them all together to make solid perfume in vintage compacts. I used a base of Jojoba butter, Shea butter and Sweet Almond oils, then slowly added the perfume and let it...

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Violet Flower Water

Violet Flower Water

April 5, 2013

My goodness I can’t believe that it I so long since I sat down to write my blog! Today I am going to make a violet flower water after having grown the beautiful plants for two years I now have enough to crop – although it felt very mean to cut the flowers as so...

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February 15, 2013

Since doing the natural perfume day with Karen Gilbert I am completely taken over by scent.  I didn’t know if I was going to be any good at smelling essential oils and scents; well that really isn’t true, I knew I had a good sense of smell from cooking, making soaps, checking if my sons...

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I used the healing body butter with the healing soap when I was going through treatment for breast cancer; it kept my skin soft and stopped any infection. I would recommend for other women who are going through this medical procedure. Thank you. M.S Stratford

Healing body butter