October 21, 2014


I love scent. So many different types and nosecurling experiences; Sweet roses, Labdanham, Jasmine, Old cabbage, Lions ear, Frankenstein, musky old books, Turnc blossom, the scent of my family – smells that if I were to loose my sense of scent a huge part of my personal and professional life would be lost to me.

A scent can transport me back within a memory, it can bring excitement to a new situation and it can becalm my mind and body.

When I am cooking the combinations of scents bring foods together – basil and tomatoes, honey and lemon, seasoning with salt and pepper or even combinations that I would not have put together before like Parmesan cheese and high cocoa content chocolate, courgettes and lime or tomato ketchup ice cream with bananas…

My best days are when I am trying out new scents to make perfumes for myself. It is the freedom to try any combination, to challenge my preconceived ideas about what traditionally should go together and then letting me nose and senses play with the evocative oils, gums and resins.

Making a perfume for yourself is not a formula where you add A to B to make a traditional C that you dab behind your ears before you go out on a Saturday – it is about letting yourself go, risking the end result, working by instinct and trusting that you can do it.

In the perfume making workshops I run it is all about you, what you want, how you want the perfume to make you feel – I just facilitate your wishes.

There is no right or wrong when you make a perfume; you make what you like the scent of in the combinations that make you smile. Sometimes it is bringing  a memory into your new scent, taking on an exciting and overt scent or maybe building on a scent you have already made. The scent is for you. for your life and happiness in the person you are.

If you want, you can indulge yourself or someone you love by buying them a place on one of my workshops. They make great presents for a birthday, Christmas, a Wedding perfume, a fun Hen night session or an experience to share with before embarking on a new life…

If four of you get together then I am happy to do a bespoke session just for you. I can share the secrets of Cologne and After Shave making as well – Men are welcome!

Giving an experience of freedom and creativity to someone you care about is a gift beyond compare. That feeling of being in a learning situation where anything goes in scent combinations leaves many tingling with happiness, of having no limits and making something unique to them – how wonderful is that?

My next workshop is Sunday December 7th  at Knead It! Bakery £75 10.30-1.30ish. Email or call me for more information or 07775658557




I used the healing body butter with the healing soap when I was going through treatment for breast cancer; it kept my skin soft and stopped any infection. I would recommend for other women who are going through this medical procedure. Thank you. M.S Stratford

Healing body butter