Haircare tips

August 13, 2013

Natural Shampoo

Research: I have been doing a bit of research on what makes a good shampoo bar, and how best to use it for the last few months and I think I have cracked it for my hair!

My hair is long (to my elbows), thick and prone to a greasy scalp, so I wanted a shampoo bar that was moisturising to the roots and not cloying on my scalp. I wash my hair every other day and do not use any other hair products and I let my hair dry naturally.

Shinny, soft and fabby hair after six weeks with my  shampoo bars – my hairdresser commented on the weight and excellent condition of my hair ends

I have made a peppermint and tea tree shampoo bar, that I am extremely pleased with. It is so easy to use – I really soak my hair, wet the shampoo bar in my hands, and then gently stroke the bar down the length of my hair from scalp to ends and it lathers wonderfully and the scent is just sublime.

Next I wash off the lather until the hair is squeaky clean of all bubbles, then rinse it with an apple cider vinegar solution (One part vinegar to two parts water, or a weaker solution if it is being used daily). Finally, I wash it with clean water, and leave it to dry.

I found that I needed to use the shampoo bar for at least three weeks before my hair settled down. In the first week it felt heavy and lost its shine, by the second week my hair felt amazingly soft but still heavy-ish and by the third week it had got its shine back and felt fabulously soft and light.

As our hair is so important to our concept of self, one does need to invest time into allowing our hair to ‘settle’, to wash away any residue of additives and to trust the process; it is important to highlight this as so many people use a variety of hair products and anticipate an immediate positive change. Give this shampoo bar time….

I used the healing body butter with the healing soap when I was going through treatment for breast cancer; it kept my skin soft and stopped any infection. I would recommend for other women who are going through this medical procedure. Thank you. M.S Stratford

Healing body butter