Experimenting with making hydrosols

August 28, 2013

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Making Lavender Hydrosols

Late July or August is time for the Lavender hydrosols to be made as the flowers are just beginning to open and are filled with wonderful oils.IMG_0991

Lavender hydrosols are one of the most straight forward to make, as the flowers are robust and if overheated do not take on the burnt or scolded scent so quickly – although when I was learning to use the Alembic still I managed to produce a hydrosol that made my eyes water with the pungent aroma!

Violet Hydrosols

Trying out Violet flower water today, my sister (Amanda Saurin from Wellgreen Lewes) made some earlier in the week and said it smelt very green, sharp but with a soft grassy dry down – can’t wait to smell it! It will take a while as I need to gently coax the scent form the plantmatter…

2013-04-05 08.08.52

The colour of the flowers is such a deep violet, just like the param violet sweetie I had as a child – memories of scents can take you right back to the moment can’t they?

So finished making 500ml, not much but such an amazing scent, much greener, fresher with an undercurrent of flora buds – very pleased with it. This will go into our new range of perfumes and solid perfumes and bring a depth to the scent mixes.

Lilac and Lily Hydrosols

Trying out making Lily and Lilac flower water today – I’m sure it will be wonderful! I will use the flower water in our creams and body mists, and if it is really fantastic I will double still it to make a concentrate….

Well, the combination of liles and lilac looked so beautiful but smells top note green with just too much farmyard – so sad! If you really let the scents drift, you can catch a fleeting sweetness of the flower water, but a lesson learnt – no to this combination!

So any flower waters for sale claiming to be lily or lilac check thoroughly before buying as it might just be a fragrance rather than a pure, natural scent….




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